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One day at a time

Life goals.  Plans without a plan.  Why can’t we dream with more detail?  What happens on day 1? Do you ever hear or plan on hearing your “fired shot” so the race can begin?

Bang. There you are.

You fire it yourself the moment you wake up, and then… it’s another section of the race to complete.  Where you end that day (or in some marathons, WHEN) will be factored into how you start your following day (1 hour 52 minutes behind LEADER, as the Tour De France puts it, oui oui?).

Here are some plans I want to complete, and I think it’s perfectly fine to put them up online for everyone to see.  You know what’s good about that?  You can all hold me accountable.

Kick me in the butt if I don’t get these done.  Booty’s on ME.

Some are a little bit of stretch, but at least I can say today I fired my shot.  I wrote them down, and you cheered me on.


Complete “Plastic Heart” rewrites

Book a Commercial AND a guest spot on TV/movie

Travel Down to see some family for Thanksgiving (after that, it’ll be all work for the Holidays)

Start up a Johns Hopkins Theatre group on Facebook, just to see how everyone’s doing

Revise my personal and photo website to look more sleek

Order post cards for my company and make a new design!

Be able to play 1 song on the guitar very well, and continue to practice!

With that, I know I’ll work at all of my goals, and I’ll take one day at time.  I’ll give to the now, and not worry.  I’ll never say never.

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