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Shiny Toy Guns, and other rock bands worthy

If you are looking to brush up on your guitar, and stray away from the technical intricacy needed for fingerpicking, or just prefer to have fun jamming (smell that teen spirit?), then it behooves you to ask that friend you can’t imagine without a guitar strapped to his/her shoulders, much like imagining yourself without boot leg sand-washed JEANS on a roadtrip.

I may not paint the MOST accurate picture, but it’s a picture nonetheless.  #dealwithit

So I asked my roommate Jake to recommend a couple of good bands to start with.  We definitely riffed off each other with names that instantly came to mind.  We finished the conversation with realizations that I did not, in fact, have much of a library from these bands.

Most of my music, I admit, is dance-centric.  There are vocal standards, and rock bands intermingling in my “Playlist party” on iTunes, but everything pales in comparison to the other dance overflow I have loading up my drive!

My talk with Jake (roommate)

Me: Incubus?

Jake: Yes.

Me: Nickelback, probably, I’d say that’s an easy one to start with…

Jake: Yeah, and OH MY god, include Green Day.

Me: You really want to be in that band, don’t you. (lol)

Jake: Exactly.  Such good music.

Me: Totally.

Jake: I’d say add “Oasis” as well.

Me: “Goo Goo Dolls”?

Jake: They’ve got strange tuning to their songs. Not a great pick.  Hmmm..

Me: REM? Switchfoot? (thinking Chris Daughtry as well, but didn’t say the name)

Jake: Yeah, more like that, alot of chords.  Keep it easy to see the song in sections, so you can play the whole way through in one day.

(END amazing roommate convo)

Any other mentions that should be included?

So, as I was doing this, I realized that there needed to be more involvement/listening with guitar centric music if I wanted to get more involved with the instrument anyway.  That’s always been the problem.  I buy a guitar, and I turn around and get Maroon 5 remixes.

NOT smart.

I’d need to surround myself with music that doesn’t only use the guitar, but centers on the music that comes from the instrument.

The aforementioned bands are totally on my hit-list now.  I can’t wait to get started.

Last but not least, does anyone out there love the website “SongMeanings”?  I think I found my new love.  It’s not only a fun way to read other people’s interpretations of great music, but to come to my own conclusion about a work as well.  I LOVE knowing the lyrics to music, and have always wanted to be a great at karaoke. I hate turning the song-list book, page by page, into one long hour of dread and anxiety among my friends, followed by 5 minutes of an ambitious, but lacking performance.  With supportive, but obligatory applause.  Drunk applause.

It’s like finding something to do with Matzah in my life.  You know it’s gonna come out mediocre not matter what you do, so why prolong debate?

Just make your cracker pizza and move on with your life.  L’CHAYIM.

Lastly, I want to leave you with an incredible piece from SHINY TOY GUNS about mortality and what life holds before we pass into the next life.

I’m totally excited to listen to thought provoking pieces.  Pieces of passion, love, relationship, heartbreak, and everything else that inspire someone to go out and look for the same feeling out in the world.  Dancing is one thing. I think I’ve danced alot.  And now, I dance well.  <=Cocky.

But it’s also time to think.  To meditate.  To embark on a journey of expanding the emotional core, and I really have always wanted to do that through a great playlist.

Till next we meet? 😉

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