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New Costume Idea for next year’s CON!

I was scouring through Netflix to find my next thing to watch and came across an idea for my next anime costume, which will probably be used around February when I might be attending Katsucon in my home state of Maryland/Virginia/DC (yeah, I spread it out when I call it, don’t I?).

It’s so obvious I need to get blue contacts.  So. Friggin. Obvy.  For ages, I’ve always loved the male leads of Hayao Miyazaki’s films.  They were *always* my type of gentlemen.

Ok, I need to rephrase this…

I think I could totally play the real-life version of pretty much every Hayao Miyazaki male lead character.  Except Porco Rosso.  Just…no.  Maybe when I have a raspy voice at 50 I’ll go “Pig-Faced Pilot” on everyone else at a convention, but for now, my choices are definitely (starting with the blue contacts choice)

Howl from “Howl’s Moving Castle” (first 3 pics)

Lupin from “Castle of Cagliostro”

Haku from “Spirited Away”

Ashitaka from “Princess Mononoke”

If I go a little “younger” (good lord, how far, right?) I’ll definitely have to try

Sasuke from “Ponyo”! =^_^=

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