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Teachers, Writing, End of Class

Well everyone, it’s been great, hard work, but I completed a good run with the Terry Schreiber studio in Vocal Production, taught by the lovely Page Clements.  If you haven’t taken her class, she is FANTASTIC. It’s not so much the mechanics of her teachings that struck me, but the mindset, and ultimately, the awareness of my performance, and my surroundings.  I had this pinched nerve in the lower left region of my back, and this class helped tremendously in awakening those nerves again, stretching them until they were past “numb” or “slightly uncomfortable”, to “alive, and healing.”

Next up? Retraining with Marci Phillips, and Bob Krakower.

It’s been long enough, but it’s time to enter the workshop phase of the acting life again.  It’s good to have a refresh.  Besides, there aren’t any JOBS in Decemeber.  Really, it’s a GHOST TOWN, so bring out the Cranium and Scrabble boards, because the only words that are going to come out of your mouth are the ones you write and spell yourself.

I love the effort I’ve put into my work recently.  I feel like I did about 2 and half years ago when I was so focused on just my work and nothing else.

I’ve realized how serious I want to be about this, and question why I was so anxious and silly when I first entered the city.  I attribute it to several factors: having a manager and teachers that encouraged me to be more humorously outgoing (nonstop), the promotional work and world I was getting involved in (getting paid to act crazy), and combatting against my own anxieties of living in this behemoth of a city (try to stay happy, Mike, try to stay happy…!)

I was the male model version of the following picture:

Now, frankly, I no longer give a damn about all of this.  Had a talk with someone and we spoke about our goals before we’d hit 30.  The big thing that came out was “To stop caring about what other people think about you.  To not give a shit anymore.”  I think that WAS in my mind when I started out, but as I gathered more and more connections, I started to feel I had more to lose.  The biggest thing I would have to lose is *myself* if I bowed to everyone else’s wishes.

I’m done being a “monkey”, for lack of a better term.  I’m kindof done with promotional work too.  I think it just isn’t satisfying to act like an *ASS* out in the open and attract attention, especially when my eyebrows and lips are falling off in the frigid bitch-ass cold.  It’s honestly time to get serious again.  I feel better when I’m like this.  I feel like I *respect* myself.

That’s the way it should be. #amirite?

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