A list of OTAKON 2011 AMV Finalists (all AWESOME)

You guys ever attend the anime convention in Baltimore known as Otakon?

Back in 2001, when I first attended, seeing what I had never understood as an “Anime Music Video” blew me away.  The feelings, so rushed with excitement that I gripped my chair like I was about to go downhill on the rollercoaster ride.

Bracing myself.

Every year I held witness to these edits of animes I’d never known before, and animes I held dear to my hearts for years.  EVERYTHING was at stake, no matter what you were going to put it up there.  Either you were going to reinvent the old, and market the new, and give every merchant a HUGE sales boost from an awesome presentation.

The only problem with any contest before 2005?

Youtube didn’t really exist, so I had no way of replaying such awesome awesomeness. So those “rushed feelings like a rollercoaster” ended up being equally fleeting…


It’s only been 6 years since we’ve had Youtube, but NOW I can rest assured that most of the videos I was blown away by would either be online somehow, or happened to be online for quite some time; my first impression would just happen to be at Otakon.

Well, I surfed and I blazed.  I have hit land so many times, I feel like I can watch the whole contest over and over again as much as I want.  Here are the videos I found that I felt were worthwhile, or memorable.  If you have any to add, just put the links in the comments!  Thanks! (and you’re welcome!)

AND Please let me know if any link is broken or no longer working.  I want the best archive EVAH. ^_^

WARNING: You may experience the need to cancel appointments, call sick from work, miss meals and wear kitty hats after watching this, because, guess what…Some of these videos’ editings kicks major ass.  You’ll want to MARATHON whatever the heck show they just glorified before your glazed-over visage.
AND, no list is complete without the Otakon AMV Contest intro, shown at every contest since 2008!  Enjoy!





Trailer/ Parody

Stupid AMV Title




Drama/ Serious Category (missing videos 5 and 7)

Princess Tutu – Angels


Ready to Ignite – Start a Fire


Letting Go – Angel Beats


Cosmic Love


A Glorious Dawn





Angels Made From Neon 


Neverend – Guilt 


Your Perfect World – Black Lagoon




Romantic/ Sentimental

Cold Nights – Avril Lavigne


Maya and Company – Kireblue – “Good Company”


Upbeat/ Dance

Ain’t Nothing Wrong with That – Let’s Rock


Always Looking Back – various





Shinji Does (not) Mean Business


Junjo Rhapsody – Kirby Super Star


I’ll be putting my photos of Otakon 2011 up on Flickr so stay tuned!

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February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Hey everyone,

I know I should encourage reading, which is I why I am using this particular post to let you know there are titles in my videos on Youtube now.  The Channel of Epicness? “HapaFacePlace”

The channel deals with multi/mixed raced ethnicity, and my own personal brand of comedy.  The more likes I get, the more videos per week I’ll make.  The more VIEWS I get, the more features I will be able to add in my videos (read the video description on Youtube, to understand this nonsense!)


ALSO, please forward on, and share with friends who are of mixed race 🙂  And SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE!   This is already the 5th video, and the channel’s been up only 6 days!


There are words to read during the video, so I’m not dumming down ANYONE’s mind here.  Enjoy! :)))))

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Cast me as the “The Bolt Bus” guy

November 18, 2010 2 comments

Even if you’re relatively new to the East Coast craze of traveling for the price of a KFC Family Dinner, the Megabus and Bolt Bus shouldn’t be foreign to your very own “Lifestyle” section. In fact, for most people you might know, it’s front page news.

The Megabus and Bolt Bus companies are discount bus services which cost noticeably less than their parent companies: Coach USA and Greyhound, respectively. The crazy thing is that by paying less, you get more: on these new models of buses, there is free Wi-Fi, plugs for laptops, and a cleaner bathroom with Purell.

This makes sense, as the companies distinguished the services as made for “young business professionals looking for cheaper travel”, which is why most people you see on Megabus and Bolt could range from the young 18-28 grad and post-grad types, who look like they could be extras on The Social Network OR Nick and Norah’s Playlist, to the tourist but clean elderly who just heard about the service from their children who already ride these buses.

It also isn’t a group of people who look like they were teleported straight out of an Arizona-desert, Route 66 diner, which is the demographic I saw in the feature-less, most definitely “used-car” smelling Greyhound bus.

I could’ve asked who else had a laptop that morning, and half of them would’ve given me deer-in-headlight stares as they lowered their latest choice of Danielle Steel or latest issue of 18-Wheeler/ Gun monthly.

The Megabus has this chick who gives you the safety policy of the bus you are about to ride, and directions on logging onto the Wi-Fi. It plays on the small tvs above the seats.

I never need this video to be shown, even at the volume it is shown (touch your ears to see if that 200%-maxed volume broke an eardrum. No wait, your ears a bleeding.)

First, let me just say. I want to know who this chick is. Does she work for Megabus? Is she an actress? When was the casting? Because I gotta tell ya…

She’s now a celebrity. Everyone in the Megabus world knows her. Not her name, but her face. And it’s either love…or really heavy on hate. It beckons the question…



Whenever Bolt bus loads mini-tvs for their buses like Megabus, I want IN on the casting action.

You’d know me as that Bolt Bus GUY, and this is how my script would go.

[NOTE – ABRIDGED VERSION, unless I’m directing this]


OH, I think you just noticed that you were sitting in a LEATHER SEAT instead of that car-seat-fur CRAP.


Guess what. The door is closed. This bus ’bout to get started.

Emergency exit is the damn door. The one you came in through. NOTICE IT.

If there’s an emergency bus stop or fire, get OUT. JUST DO IT.

Need Wifi? Have a computer? Then you know how to look for it.

Plug is by your FOOT. LOOK.

Bathroom’s in the back. Don’t stink it up. There’s plenty of toilet paper, we got you COVERED.

So sit back, relax, and shut your eyes if you want. By the time you wake up, this bus will be parked at your stop. HYPERSPACE, baby.


TV’s shut off, and we’re out.

5 Easy to Do Things to Make Yourself Happier Today

November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s been months since I updated this place. Good lord, spiderwebs appeared in my face as soon as I opened up the account. Then bats flew out of my disc drive, and a closet door opened up to the right of me with a skeleton sitting inside. It was that bad. Honest.

I can passionately emphasize over and over that I don’t like talking about my life on my blog. Why? Because I’m saving it for the book deal, and if I learned anything, it’s that a good memoir published by Crown is the best retirement plan America could dream up. That, along with being an audience member of Oprah’s show for a week.

Without further ado, the list of things to do to make sure you stay happy today, and not sad.

1.) Find a donkey. Anywhere. Walk up to it, peacefully, and say that you are better looking than it is to it’s face. Turn around, walk away, and know that everything you said was absolutely, factually correct. *NOTE – Do not turn-around to witness Donkey’s tears, you will be sad again.

2.) Open a calculus book, find the hardest question you can find. Stare at it. Understand you will never ever be able to solve this problem today, and it’s because you have a LIFE. Close book. (Optional – Go back to playing Farmville.)

3.) Ask someone to take a picture of you with a camera you borrowed from a friend. Make sure it’s expensive. Engagement gift expensive. Make it look like you’re not satisfied with the way they’re using the camera after reviewing their photos. Try to make sure they get the picture just right with the lens, and light settings you’ve set to your liking. No more than 10 minutes later: BADA-boom, a whole new set of FREE headshots. (NOTE – THIS IS AN ACTORS AND MODELS SPECIFIC TO-DO, not necessary for non-performers, or “non-good-lookers”)

4.) Make a plate of your own sliced fruit. Finish cutting the fruit, place on plate in an overly fashionable way. If using apples, sprinkle cinnamon on top and heat. Pass by roommates’ rooms several times, saying “Mmmm!!” as you look at your newest work. Eat once you’ve denied one of your roommates a piece, but only in your room with the door shut, making larger-than-normal eating, and appetite noises.

5.) Open up a Credit Card account. Go to any store, and spend $300 on any items of your choosing. Walk out of store, pose fashionably for invisible papparazi, continue back to your invisible bodyguard and invisible limo. Hold cell phone (preferably a Touch-screen model) and act like you’re talking to your favorite celebrity, but as if they called YOU. Laugh harder and smile more when around others within hearing distance. *NOTE – You can secretly return items back to store near closing hours if you don’t have a job to avoid late credit fees.

How you can learn to love shows you think you’ll hate

Oh man, there was a time when I just knew I was NOT going to watch Royal Pains.

First off, it’s hard to hear anyone say “My favorite show? Royal Pains. Hands down.” No one says that, and I’ll be the judge of those that do. Maybe some of you knew it was on TV, and said “Yeah, I’ll get around to it…when it’s cancelled, and the whole series comes in a box set. Like every other series nowadays.” Maybe you might feel the same when you hear the name: “Royal Pains”, without knowing anything about the show, u might think it’s about this or that, but you’d be wrong. I know you’d be, because I took like 6 guesses, and even my 7th guess would’ve been wrong. Maybe it’d be another drama with slightly funny moments that made you think “hey, a slightly-funny drama with slightly-new jokes!” On Hulu, I saw that little thumbnail, and I kept thinking “Mannnnn, like so many other mediocre looking shows, it’s right there, and I can watch the first 5 minutes, and I’ll say YES, I knew it was a POS”.

Then, suddenly, iTunes did the unthinkable: they made the first episode to almost every series out there…free. FREE! Do you know how much chaos went by that week? Not just for me. For every person that understands the English word “Free”? Man, with how quick I downloaded, it’s surprising I didn’t get trigger happy and buy a whole season of something, and a share of Apple Computers.

So, after the whole ordeal on iTunes, I have the first episode of Royal Pains (and other shows that I’m excited to watch) on my computer. Several days go by…then, finally, I put out the Pains.



NO! It’s an awesome series that I’m excited to catch all the episodes to in a marathon of dvd disc watching.


If you want to get people to watch something nowadays, I’m almost convinced that it doesn’t take ads, because I am not interested in seeing almost every show out there. I don’t have the time. None of us have time. Tivo might help out our time by bringing the show into our free times, but it can’t force itself into our time, which is what the old shows used to do!

Now look at us: Hulu is here, Youtube got constipated I MEAN has in-video ads, internet piracy has reached even my sister, and still…, relatively no one might watch your show? Yeah, that’s the new trend of “sad”. You almost have no excuse, right?

But then Apple got in my face with this shit. DAMNIT. You want people to watch a show they probably think they already know because of your mediocre ad-campaigns? Give them a free episode of it. That’s the best advertisement. Having said to them – “You wasted an hour with me, and you know I was that good.”

*smoking cigarette* I did waste my hour with you. There are no regrets now.

Succumb to the blistering coolness

Remember when heat was… “cool”?

You don’t need to.  Here, let me remind.

Like, when it wasn’t just about being out of school, but wearing shorts, riding a skateboard/trike/pogo stick, having an inflatable pool, keeping a weekly calendar of BBQ’s, and planning trips to the beach seemed like past-times that OWED their snazziness (pullin out the decades-old terms) to the fact that it was the sun’s turn to Emcee the party?  I don’t think it was an age thing at all.  It wasn’t just kids partying, adults jumping in 3 inch deep pools all over the neighborhood.  Hospitals loved the company, Everyone was happy.

God, what happened to all of it?  Y2K didn’t do sQUAt.  So what popped the beachball?  I don’t see gangs of 10 year olds walking around with super-soaker 3500’s or whatever number we’re on now?  You don’t need to explain to me that the Earth is all out of whack, oil bits are as big as flotsam from the Titanic, and that I’m older.  I read the papers, I workout, I have a twitter account, I’m just fine, thank you.

These days, everyone talks to my face about how ass this temperature is.  Even the kids do it!  Back in the 80’s and 90’s, we had strollers with a shade.  Our knees were a whole shade darker than our face by the end of a summer walk, but who cared, they were covered back in Osh Kosh Begosh when we went back to the living room to play with our Thundercats figures!  Nowadays, I see hi-tech “wheelbarrows” made by Jaguar and Ferrari merchandising which have an entire FRONT SHIELDS that blocks out all uv rays, and it’s tinted like the thing inside it is a baby Jay-Z.  MAN these kids have it good!  That’s more protection than my hybrid gives me.

Back in my day, we’d sweat it out, shut up, and bike to the pool cuz that WAS fun.  Or at least, we were told that was supposed to be.  So we kept it up!  Nowadays, you can swim using motion controls and a plasma 42 inch.  Sweet damn, that’s just backwards.  Mind you, I was even a kid who went to camps that took place in a community college.  My parents never allowed much of the “outdoorsy” camps, because it wouldn’t help me as much as “Statistics” and “Business for Kids”.

Have you ever learned Statistics in July?  Have you ever suffocated yourself with a pillow?

When I went to Tennis and Golf camp (yeah, I’m asian, SO?), I’d be thankful that I was NOT in school, or at Business camp.  I ONLY kept thinking: I’m playing.  I didn’t care how hot it could get.  So long as I was wearing sunscreen, it could be 120 degrees, and the heat could burn the color away from my hair, turning it blonde-white, and I’d be laughing and smiling, playing tennis, looking like an asian albino who drop shot yo ass in the 6th set tie-breaker.

The temperature wasn’t really part of the news, as far as I could remember, at least in my region.  I just remember the weatherman saying ‘yeah, it’ll be hot, BUT it’s summer, so that means you should have fun, dumbsh*ts!’ The only reason I wanted to go INSIDE was because I had to beat a bunch of video games asap (anything Nintendo and Sega was on the menu), and I was a hunk a’ fat-ass.  20 lbs overweight.  Not bad, but it got me the “girl-titties” joke from time to time.  From my sister.

These days, I want to tell everyone that even though our skin is practically peeling off in every exposed inch because of how effed up the planet has gotten, I wish we’d all stop saying “Man, it’s gonna be a BITCH.” The temperature goes up 3 degrees because of it, and we all dread putting on sunscreen.

It’s hot, but it’s SUMMER, so go out and have fun, dumbsh*ts!

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CNN Hero

Really hot award right now? I’m kinda diggin’ the CNN Heroes one.

I remember awhile back, during the first award show, of Hugh Jackman even being put in the nomination circle for one of these babies? Anybody else catch that in one of the promos they aired back in 2008? It was right next to the time he was about to have his movie “Australia” released, and yanked out of theaters the day after. Crikey!

Man, that’d be sweet. Be called a true humanitarian, and then, if you lock it straight up in the Oscars, you get to be called a master of acting. Damn, that’s one fine human!

Hey, CA-raaaazy self-plug. I’m in a movie which has all of the proceeds going to charity! That should get me an honorary effort in the CNN Heroes hall of prospectives to look out for! If you haven’t heard of the film yet, look up “Browncoats Redemption” on Youtube. I play a lead, an engineer on a cargo ship with a rag-tag team of space hustlers. Not the Larry Flynt kind. The Star Wars, Han Solo-would’ve-friended-us-on-facebook kind.

Be sure to look out for the CNN Hero broadcast. I think, for whatever the heck it is, it’s a really good thing.

More click:play:enjoy coming daily! Sorry I’ve been away kids! This guy has been slowly watching the industry pick its drunk self off the ground over and over the past few months. Mr. Entertainment Industry still don’t look too hot, though. NYC has been relatively dry, with many thirsty actors. Other regions of the USA have been doing a little better, but I think the general atmosphere is more “ebb” than “flow”. Or just dead.

I’m smiling still, and that’s what matters.

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